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Health Diplomatsphotoworking together to find adapted solutions specific to the local context.

President and CEO

I have been amazed that despite the fact that health problems, especially transnational disease, have been with us since the early days of human society, it has never assumed its rightful place on the global agenda. States are still more likely to give security or trade considerations priority above health care.

However, we believe through health diplomacy health priorities can take their rightful place on national and international agenda. At Health Diplomats we are passionate about merging health expertise with diplomatic skills to alleviate suffering, bring peace, prepare for disasters and help improve health care systems around the world.

With our network of extraordinary champions for healthcare and humanity, we provide our clients with a breadth of experience, deep insight and global relationships that deliver solutions to complex health related problems.

I hope that we can share this adventure with you as our clients, collaborators or partners. Thank you!

Dr. Delon Human

President & CEO
Health Diplomats

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