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Welcome to health diplomats

In a world where disease is everybody's tragedy and everybody's nightmare, health diplomacy is in everyone's interest.

HEALTH Diplomats is a specialised health, nutrition and wellness consulting group, operating worldwide. It leverages its expertise and networks to help develop and deliver solutions to global health-related problems.

In particular, it focuses on the areas of harm reduction and access to innovative and affordable healthcare. In harm reduction, the group has played a significant role in advancing harm reduction policies, science, products and consumer empowerment related to HIV and the harmful use of alcohol, drugs, food, beverages and tobacco. Access to healthcare services and products is another specialty, especially in lower and middle income countries.

Today's world has become flat, integrated, and inter-dependent with health issues impacting most areas of commercial and political life. This demands a multi-dimensional approach, where the successful interface between global health stakeholders is critical to solving humanities toughest challenges. The group is therefore fully aligned and supportive of the United Nations call for multi-stakeholder engagement and action to prevent and control noncommunicable disease, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, the WHO Global Strategy on Diet, Physical Activity and Health and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, we help forge client partnerships within the governmental, healthcare industry, and non-governmental sectors.


For each specific client assignment, we assemble an expert team of internationally recognised academics and practitioners. These teams are selected from the Health Diplomats network of leaders located in over 35 countries.

Its clients include Fortune 500 companies, global foundations, trade associations, governments and NGOs. Successes include the campaign for the inclusion of Taiwan as Observer in the WHO, the development of HIV/AIDS good practice guidelines for health professionals in resource poor countries and global health security in uncovered regions. The company has played a significant role in the development and establishment of harm reduction policies and products several countries in the world. We continue to build bridges between stakeholders and provide thought leadership to effect lasting change and improved global health.

The global health burden that is placed upon the international community demands effective transnational networks to provide sustainable solutions to the toughest challenges. Health diplomacy is a process and method that can help stakeholders effectively pursue their interests, overcome barriers to progress, and leverage the optimal benefit from international partnerships. In a world where disease is everybody's tragedy and everybody's nightmare, health diplomacy is in everyone’s interest.


Message from

Delon Human,President and CEO

Although health problems, especially transnational disease, have been with us since the early days of human society, it has never assumed its rightful place on the global agenda. States are still consistently under-investing in the promotion of health and the prevention and control of chronic diseases such as heart and lung diseases, diabetes and cancer.

Health diplomacy can help correct this anomaly. At Health Diplomats we are passionate about merging health expertise with diplomatic skills to alleviate suffering, bring peace, prepare for disasters and help improve health care systems around the world. With our network of extraordinary champions for healthcare and humanity, we provide our clients with a breadth of experience, deep insight and global relationships that deliver solutions to complex health related problems.

We fully subscribe to the UN's call for multi-stakeholder engagement and action to prevent and control noncommunicable disease. From our point of view, it is imperative for state and non-state actors, public and private sectors to collaborate to improve health. It is our company's stated commitment to help build bridges between these sectors.

Our current work, in advancing tobacco harm reduction policies, science and products, is in partnership with Nicoventures, a subsidiary of the British American Tobacco company. The goal is to help establish tobacco harm reduction policies and science. In addition, to increase smokers' access to innovative, non-combustible forms of nicotine delivery, thereby improving smoking cessation and global health.

We also provide consulting services to private sector companies in the field of food, beverage and alcohol harm reduction. This includes the advancement of health literacy, communication and reduced harm policies, science and products such as no and low alcohol beer and sugar substitutes.

Dr. Delon Human, President & CEO